Zapiecek Inn

“Blue of the lake around, a wood in the far, sun and space call us to spend here our free time…”

Welcome to MAZURY,  land of rivers, lakes, woods and unforgettable adventures. We invite you to Krutyński Piecek, which is situated in the area of  Masurian Landscape Park covered by NATURA 2000 program. The resort is surrounded by 3 nature reserves – Rezerwat Krutynia, well-known from floating islands Rezerwat Zakręt and Rezerwat Królewska Sosna. Mazury is a historical part of East Prussia and that makes historical and geographical past of this land varied.

Zapiecek Inn is a year-round resort situated in the area of the Pisz Forest (the biggest forest complex in Poland  1000 km2), on a big fenced parcel by the road leading from Kutyń to south and adjoining the river bank of Krutynia River (75th kilometer of Krutynia trail)

The place was created for people who want to see the picturesque Kurtynia River, admire  lakes, and monuments of nature as well as enjoy canoeing.  Here also lovers of hiking, cycling and natural beauty will find something to enjoy.

The silence and the closeness of nature, is the biggest asset of this place.

“Hey, Mazury! You are so wonderfull! Where is the second land like that, here you will experience wonderful moments, here you will experience the great happiness…”

At the resort you will find:

  • free car park
  • bikes
  • beach
  • beach bar
  • watering place
  • barbecue grill (importable and a few portable ones)
  • big recreation area
  • children’s playground
  • kayaks
  • oar boat
  • waterhole, rock garden
  • campsites
  • camping
  • loungers

At the campsites are:

  • washing machine
  • electricity
  • shower
  • toilets
  • basins
  • shed
  • campfire
  • convenient place for kayaks morning

Watering place – 100m from the Inn

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