Price list

Accommodation in luxurious rooms:

Room from 50 PLN/ guest / night
Rollaway Bed 30 zł / guest / night
Children to 4 years gratis (no bed)
House from 65 zł / guest / night
Camping / campsites
Campsites 25 zł / guest / night
Sidecar / camper 35 zł / guest / night
(price includes access to water and electricity)
Parking 10 zł/a car
Wood for campfire 30 zł /a barrow
Dog’s stay 20 zł/night
Water equipment
Kayak from 35 zł + transport (according to the trip) 
Fishing boat from 30 zł 
Out of season discounts.


Prices are negotiable on longer stays.

Charging day stars at 3 p.m. and ends at 10 a.m. It is possible to stay at the resort beyond these hours.

Booking confirmation is the advance payment of 30% of the costs of the stay, to the following account.  Payments of the fees for the entire booking period right after your arrival is highly welcomed. If you shorten your stay, payment for unused days, is not refundable.


Katarzyna Krysiak
Account Number – Idea Bank
65 1950 0001 2006 0248 0543 0002

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